Hey, I'm Matt.

Hey there, I'm

Matthew Oden.

I make websites, run kickstarters, design games, and write code in the Saint Louis area.

Recent Work: On the clock

RBI, Inc. 2010 — present

I've been working in-house at RBI Incorporated for about 3 years. It's a job with many hats: Web design, development, marketing and advertising. Which can mean that I jump from making new promotional banners on Facebook, to building search refinements for an online store over the span of a few hours.

Rawlings Gear

The Bread and Butter of RBI Inc. — an eCommerce site dedicated to Rawlings sporting goods.

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Rawlings Gear was once the official store of Rawlings Sporting Goods, then broke off to become it’s own independent entity.


Email Marketing

Promotional emails and campaigns for Rawlings Gear.

I was originally hired to handle the task of Email Design and Marketing. Anything from promotional emails, to newsletters, to cart abandonment notices. Each promotional email usually has matching banner ads that launch the same day.

Creating HTML email is always interesting. From a development standpoint, you have to create a webpage as if it was 1998, while still keeping up with all the quirks of modern browsers. Which can sometimes feel like rigging a fax machine up to print a video.


One Page Checkout

Consolidation of a five page checkout to improve conversions.

Building a One Page Checkout is considered the Holy Grail of User Experience Design. I consolidated Rawlings Gear's five page process into one, hiding and highlighting content as needed. You can try out a basic wireframe here.


Calendar Tools

Promotional asset controls and deployment calendar.

The Calander Tool was a result of a problem I inadvertently created. Whenever I became ahead of schedule, the approval teams started to lose track track of everything I had made.

With my Calendar Tool, I could assign promotions as I made them, and they could see what was coming up, what it looked like, who had given department approval, and what (if any) assets were missing.


Premium Brand Outlet

Custom eCommerce site on eBay's platform.

Premium Brand Outlet was created by RBI to leverage eBay's seller platform.

The challenge of eBay was familiar to me. Like with HTML email, eBay is runs on older web standards, and doesn't let users have free reign over their whole store. But with a little elbow grease, I was able to turn our sellet page into an online store with a modern feel.


Footwear Unlimited & Latigo

Footwear Unlimited LLC and brands, eCommerce

RBI approached Footwear Unlimited about selling direct to consumers. The designs above are spec work, but are expected to go live shortly.


Dudley: From U.S. to You

Third Party Logistics/eCommerce site for non U.S. residents.

Dudley is a third-party logistics business of my own design. It's an eCommerce solution that helps Canadian shoppers buy American goods more easily, and at a significant discount.

Dudley is no longer in development, as Amazon has canceled Missouri's affiliate program.

After Hours: Burning the Midnight Oil

Freelance & Personal projects, 2012 — present

What follows is anything I completed 'off the clock'. Kickstarters, mobile games, card games, podcast logos, and more.

Baracktober Kickstarter

When a FOIA request revealed the white house beer recipie, I made a portmanteau, designed a shirt, and then a kickstarter!

Originally, the Baracktoberfest design was supposed to be a one-off shirt for myself, but the print quality available online was just terrible. I turned to local printers, and found that great quality comes at a high price. Too high, for just one shirt.

I turned to kickstarter to see if I could produce shirts in bulk. Offering t-shirt designs, recipe cards, pint glasses, and postcards, my project ended up funding within an hour, and earned nearly 1000% of my target goal.



A colorful deck-building card game of denial.

Deck Building games like Nope! have a reputation for being very complicated, with a gritty fantasy asthetic. Which isn't a bad thing! But it made me wonder if changing the appearance could invite an audience outside the typical tabletop crowd, and if streamlined rules could be just as fun.

Currently Nope! is still being playtested, which means it's available for everyone for free.

Everything you need to play can be found right here. Creating a full copy should cost around $6, and an hour at the printers.


Phones Against Humanity

A mobile-friendly version of the popular game Cards Against Humanity.

Like it says on the box, Cards Against Humanity is a Party Game for Horrible People. If you haven't played it before, think Apples to Apples, but much darker in tone.

The creators of C.A.H. have yet to release a mobile app, but they did release their entire game under a Creative Commons Licencse. So I built Phones Against Humanity as a way to play the game with anyone who has a smartphone, and without the need for a server.

Go ahead, give Phones Against Humanity a shot!


2013 Bombcast Logo

The Giant Bombcast is a podcast on Giantbomb.com.

Frequently in the top 10 on iTunes, Giant Bomb is one of the biggest video game podcasts around. Peobably because it can get really, REALLY weird. When illustrating the 'licking time bomb', I aimed to capture that weirdness with an illustration that would be clear every size.


2012 Octoberkast Logo

Octoberkast is a charity marathon of the 'This is only a Test' podcast run by the fine folks at Tested.com.

Designed for Will Smith, Editor in Chief of Tested.com (the official website for Adam and Jamie of Mythbuster's Fame) and host of Octoberkast, an annual marathon-style podcast that raised $50,000 for charity last year in just 24 hours!

The central icon is 'testecles', the flame-logo tested.com used before their current Mythbusters branding.


Who are you?

I'm a designer in Saint Louis, MO. I use basically anything Adobe's ever made to build websites, develop games, write code, run kickstarters, design t-shirts, create logos and anything else that strikes my fancy.

If you want to hear me prattle on about all kinds of things, you can find me on Twitter, and Tumblr.

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