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Setting up Erlang and Elixir from precompiled binaries.


Itching to write Elixir? Are you not allowed, or don't want to use homebrew? Too lazy to compile from source? Here's step-by step instructions to get Elixir and Erlang up and running on your mac, using the precompiled binaries.

Setting up Erlang

  1. Download a precompiled version of Erlang from here.
  2. Run that thing.
  3. When complete, type erl in your terminal to test that erlang has been appropriately added to your path.

Setting up Elixir

  1. Download the precompiled zip from latest, unzip, rename the folder to elixir.
  2. Move the elixir folder to usr/local/: mv ~/downloads/elixir usr/local/ (or... just copy and paste)
  3. Add the elixir binary to your path: echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/elixir/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bash_profile
  4. Update your terminal session with the latest bindings . ~/.bash_profile
  5. test by typing elixir in your terminal.

And that's it! Happy coding!

(Tested on OS X El Capitan)

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